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making your idea reality

Do you have an idea or concept that you want to improve or develop? Let us help you turn that idea, concept or sketch into reality. We can take your thoughts and generate 3D models (CAD) and rapid prototypes so you can evaluate and improve the product and communicate the idea to others.


Creating a sketch or drawing of your idea is usually the first step taken when moving your idea or invention from concept to reality. In many cases, if you want to review the feasibility of your idea, the next step in the process is converting your drawing or idea to a 3D model. When working with Wellstronics3D, we can create the 3D model/CAD file for you and we keep manufacturing in mind during this process. By having the 3D model, you now have the idea/sketch converted to an industry standard format that will allow you to gather additional information such as manufacturing processes, approximate product and tooling costs and more. In addition to having the 3D model, you can now also get a 3D printed prototype.


At Wellstronics3D, we offer several methods of design. The two distinct processes we utilize during this process is basic 1) Concept Design and 2) Design for Manufacturing. The purpose of having these two different processes is to make sure you get what you need at the price and timing you want. Depending on where you are within your project, one process may be better suited for you. Basic concept design is the less expensive approach and is meant for projects that are still in the concept phase and may not yet be fully defined and/or may not move forward. Design for manufacturing is meant for projects that you are certain will move forward.