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3D Modeling

Cad design

Our CAD services deliver conceptual products, models and drawings that speed up development and optimize designs. Whether you require a single part or a complicated assembly, we can help convert that napkin sketch to a professional model.

3D Modeling

Wellstronics3D's 3D modeling services are a key feature for design, rapid prototyping, marketing and manufacturing and is a great tool to evaluate and communicate product design. Our designers and engineers have over 15 years of 3D modeling experience and are certified to industrial modeling standards. We can design your products to your exact specifications or for the most economical manufacturing process available; machining, molding, 3D printing, etc. We can optimize your design and speed up development by generating 3D models so you have the ability to prototype, market and/or manufacture your idea.


We will work with you closely to design your product for small, medium or large manufacturing processes, keeping material and manufacturing costs in mind during the entire project. Allow us to customize a package for you that includes 3D models, drawings, raw materials specifications, potential manufacturing tooling and estimated manufacturing costs and more. We have worked with everyone from entrepreneurs and inventors to large businesses. If you have questions regarding these services or want to see samples of our work, please contact us.


At Wellstronics3D, we can generate 2D engineering drawings that contain all required manufacturing and assembly processes, allowing you to work with professional manufacturing facilities on quotes and specific manufacturing details. If you need help with these services, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.