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3D Scanning

Reverse Engineering

Our 3D scanning services scan real world objects and digitize them by converting the physical object to useable, 3D CAD files. This process can save time and money by allowing one to reverse engineer and reduce CAD work. Additionally, the scanned files can be sent directly to 3D printing equipment.


If you are working on a design project and you have limited CAD resources or you realize that an object may be too complex to measure and model, let us convert the complex object to a digital CAD file with our 3D scanning service. At Wellstronics3D, we can 3D scan the object and then convert the scan file over to anything from a basic STL file to full parametric models with feature trees. Our 3D scanning services can reduce the amount of time needed with your design project and allow you to focus more time on the design.


All of us have ran into a situation when you need a part or tool and found out it no longer exists, the CAD files or prints have been misplaced or lost. In some cases, using traditional measurement tooling is slow and tedious or may not work. Our process of 3D scanning creates a 3D representation of the real world object by capturing the actual part geometry. Once the 3D scanning has been completed, we can then hand over the scan file for use in any software that can work with STL files. If you need a full parametric model, we can provide that as well.