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Are you looking for a quick, inexpensive tool to help with your assembly process? Do you have a specific tool design that would be difficult to machine? 3D printed tools can be used for many different applications within manufacturing and development and can typically be produced in less than 24 hours. This is a proven process that we have helped other businesses with for the past several years.

3D Printed Fixture / Tool / Jig

Our 3D printed tools work great as prototype tooling as well as standard production tooling to help you decrease cycle times, increase quality and reduce human error. These types of tools work great for assembly lines, automated machinery, custom processes, quality control, and more. Typically, these tools can be made in as little as 24 hours and for most applications, have a very fast return on investment. Send us your design and we will work with you on material selection, costs and lead times.

Tool / Jig / Fixture Design

If you are a manufacturing company that needs help with tooling, process improvement or cost saving tools, Wellstronics3D can help. We can work with you one on one to determine what your needs are and then put together a rough estimate for design of this tool. We work in many different manufacturing industries and work with all different kinds of basic tooling. These types of fixtures and design can typically be done within one week or less.


In some cases, 3D printed tooling may not be strong enough for the specific application and in those cases, we will design the product with a specific material in mind and then outsource the machining process to one of our preferred vendors. The tool will then be shipped back to Wellstronics3D for inspection, final assembly and testing and then installed at your facility.


We don’t work on just simple tooling, we also work on complex tools and fixtures requiring pnuematics and electronics. These types of tools typically take longer to design, test and build and consist of metals, plastics, electronics, etc. When working on these types of projects, we will work with your engineering, production and other departments as needed to ensure this tool meets and exceeds all expectations.