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Inventions, new products and crowdfunding campaigns often require many details such as patents, CAD drawings, marketing samples, 3D models, basic videos, product cost estimates, manufacturing costs and more. We can provide a completely customized package that can offer one or all of the services allowing us to be your one stop shop.


Do you have a design or concept that you plan on patenting. If so, let us help you by creating professional 2D drawings that can be used by patent attorneys. We can take your concept or idea and transfer it to a 3D model that then allows us to create black and white 2D drawings that can be used to help explain the patent or be used on the actual patent.


If you are an inventor or entrepreneur trying to patent an idea, bring a product to market or start a crowd funding campaign, our services can assist you with this process. Our broad range of services can be customized to meet whatever needs you may have. We are able to provide many different CAD services that includes the following:


If you have a CAD file from another company, one you have made yourself or you worked with us to create one and now you are looking to test or sell your idea, we can help by providing functional 3D printed prototypes. We are able to create professional and functional prototypes in as little as 12 hours.


If you need help taking an idea or product from concept to manufacturing, we can help with that. We are able to take your idea, concept, napkin sketch or existing prototype and start the full development process by developing CAD files, prototypes, manufacturing processes, piece part costs, tooling costs and more.